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serendipitous [ser-uhn-dip-i-tuhs] adj. come upon or found by accident; fortuitous; good; beneficial; favorable

Sometimes, the very best moments are completely unexpected. They are not written into the itinerary or planned for in advance; they simply happen along the way and end up as some of our most vivid and cherished memories.

Visitors to our website can search for specific destinations, choose a particular mode of travel, or check for programs well-suited to their travel party. But, we’ve also added a more “serendipitous” method for finding that next great vacation experience. We’ve chosen a number of themes that reflect the interests, enthusiasms, and dreams of our clients and presented them in a thematic format ~ our Repertoire.

It’s a different way of discovering some of the many amazing experiences that await you. Until you read about it, you might not even be aware of a cruise that features stargazing with daily lectures by renowned astronomers. You may decide that spending a night in a ger before returning to your five-star hotel is the perfect way to add a dash of adventure to your trip. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn the tango, become a certified scuba diver, or set foot on each of the seven continents. You can visit the places that inspired great musical compositions; follow the creation of perfume from petal to perfumerie; embark upon a culinary adventure; ride the great trains of the world.

Our Repertoire is constantly changing and expanding as we add new themes and programs. We invite you to explore the possibilities!




the life list


For each of us with a passion for travel…(Read More…)
In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs
The Golden Age
Come Fly With Me
Sailing Northward




a celebration of animals


They are the ambassadors of their homelands…(Read More…)
Dash Away!
An Audience with the King
Under the Midnight Sun



seasonal symphony



A time of the year, a time of life, or simply a state of mind;…(Read More…)

Spring ~ Tiptoe
Summer ~ Ia Ora Na!

Autumn ~ The Year’s Last Smile
Winter ~ Dream





travel by the numbers



There are many ways to unlock the imagination…(Read More…)




For those who yearn to walk the roads less traveled…(Read More…)
Boabs and Bungle Bungles


holiday dreams


It’s a time of traditions…(Read More…)
Over the River and Through the Woods





It’s a singularly human endeavor…(Read More…)
The Needle’s Eye
Train, Tattoo, and Tartan




travel spectrum

  What is the color of a  place…(Read More…)
Orange Crush
Forty Shades of Green
In the Pink