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We believe that each journey begins with a dream and ends with a memory.

We believe in the emotive power of travel ~ its ability to elevate, educate, excite, and enlighten.

We believe that life’s most harmonious experiences play out in three movements: anticipation, discovery, reflection; each an intrinsic part of the whole; each worthy of our attention.

We believe that travel deepens our appreciation of both the world beyond our doorstep and the home to which we return.


Your search for a travel planning partner will yield many options.  A select few will offer the superior levels of knowledge, responsiveness, and exemplary personal service you demand.  But, clients of Travel Repertoire benefit from an additional element – inspiration!  We not only want to help you realize a visit to your dream destination, but hope to kindle a desire to explore unexpected new places, as well.

We embrace the three phases of the travel experience.  We strive to make your pre-trip period a time of learning and looking forward; have the resources to deliver a vacation that will exceed your expectations; are committed to helping you preserve and share your memories.

Our Travel Directors take pleasure in assisting you and derive an unreasonable amount of satisfaction from each positive travel experience. Travel Repertoire clients are often interested in nurturing long-term relationships with Directors who come to understand their preferences and requirements.  Much of our clientele comes to us through direct referrals from other satisfied members of the Travel Repertoire client family.

Remember ~ no online booking engine or destination representative is going to lie awake at night worrying about your vacation, or thinking about you while you’re traveling.  We do; and in this world, we think that’s pretty special!


frequently asked questions


There is only one vacation – YOUR vacation! Our service-oriented process keeps the focus on you. Here are some responses to a few of the more common concerns voiced by prospective clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have which are not addressed in our FAQ pdf.



the library


We invite you to learn more about the destinations that are part of  your upcoming journey, or perhaps research the world’s possibilities in search of the next one.  Visit The Library and browse our shelves!



helpful links for travelers


We’ve compiled a list of helpful links to assist you in preparing for your upcoming travel.



privacy and ethics


We know you are in the process of making decisions about your upcoming vacation. Over the years, we’ve found that some people have concerns about dealing with an unknown company if they don’t come to us via a referral from a friend or family member. Consequently, we’ve put together some information in this document that we hope you’ll find useful: privacy and ethics pdf